why is my air conditioner not cooling the house?

However, every case is different, but our technicians can fix any problem on the first visit to your house. Dirty air filters. Solution: There’s not much … Solution: Regularly maintain the area around your condenser. Our technicians can locate the problem and fix your air conditioning unit today. 7 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Your House. You need to remove any obstacles from the front of Indoor unit of Air-Conditioner. An additional step you could take to try to remedy an AC freeze is to look at the evaporator coils after they defrost. Unfortunately, if your house … 5 Reasons an Air Conditioner Stops Cooling 1. Check the air filter When the inside air filter has too much dust, your air conditioner is unable to draw in a sufficient amount of air. Air conditioners are complicated systems that need the perfect combination of temperature, airflow, and pressure to work properly. Have you noticed that your air conditioner isn’t cooling the house as it’s supposed to be doing? You can solve some of these conditions by yourself while others require a professional AC technician. Today, the trusted team from Solution Based Plumbing, Heating and A/C is here to explain the possible reasons why my air conditioner is not cooling the house. When your air conditioner’s not cooling your house, it’s a big problem — especially if you live in Florida. Look into the air duct and make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow. Need AC Service in South Florida? When there’s low refrigerant in an AC, the unit can’t cool your home as required. Up to 200 million people across the US and Canada will be affected, putting pressure on air conditioners. You can take a vent cover off by removing a few screws. Your air conditioner doesn’t kick on because it thinks you are hot, and it doesn’t kick on because it’s hot in your house either – it kicks on when your thermostat gets hot and crosses whatever threshold temperature you have set. If you still aren’t achieving the results you want, it may be time to contact an HVAC company to perform a duct cleaning or to check your AC fan for any potential problems. How do you know if there’s enough air blowing? ● Make sure that the voltage stabilizer output is above 180V,if the input voltage to the Air Conditioner is lower than 180V, the Air conditioner can not work normally. If they are dirty and clogged, they’ll obstruct airflow. The AC could also have a refrigerant leak. If no air is coming from your air conditioner, check the circuit breaker, which may have tripped. As a result, your system is unable to cool your home. why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? Solution: If your AC is frozen, turn it off. Make sure it’s not just turned “ON” because that doesn’t guarantee it will supply cold air. If the unit is too small, it will not cool as efficiently. Perhaps someone hit it, or an object fell on it, and now one of its components (say a motor or compressor) is not working. If you notice the refrigerant level in the AC has reduced, call a professional repair expert immediately. There are many reasons why your AC isn’t cooling off your home. Q: “I have a portable air conditioner that is not keeping the room cool enough, what’s wrong with it?” A portable AC unit can fail to properly cool off your space if it is not powerful enough, the room is not properly sealed, or the unit is dirty. This is a common issue when homeowner’s ask why isn’t my air conditioner not cooling that we find. If these aren’t the issue, then check that you don’t have a leak or a problem with the thermostat.

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